Viseu Internacional Guitar Competition

The sixth edition of this competition was held in April 2024, with Francisco Almeida Luís (Portugal) crowned the big winner. Manuel Toucinho (Portugal) was also on the podium in second place and Álvaro Toscano (Spain) in third, scooping the public prize. Two honourable mentions were awarded to the other two finalists, Tohi Harada (Japan) and Timothée Vinour-Motta (France).

The next edition will take place in April 2026 and more details about the entry period will be given in due course.

The Viseu International Guitar Competition takes place every two years, interspersed with the Viseu International Piano Competition. Both seek to bring the world’s new talents in their respective instruments to the region and to reward those who stand out among them.

Prizes for the 2024 edition

1st Prize – 6.000€

+ Concert guitar Kohno Sakurai RF with an estimated value of 8,000€
+ Concert at the International Guitar Festival of J. K. Mertz – Bratislava (2024)
+ Concert at the Viseu Spring Music Festival – Portugal (2025)
+ Concert at the Festival de la Guitarra de Sevilha – Spain
+ Concert at the Festival Internacional de Guitarra do Fundão – Portugal

2nd Prize – 2.000 €
3rd Prize – 1.000 €
Prize for the Best Portuguese Contestant – 500€
Audience Award – 500€

Watch the summary of the final of the 6th International Guitar Competition of Viseu

Previous years: winners

1st Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2014)

1st Prize – Xavier Jara (U.S.A)
2nd Prize – Bogdan Mihailescu (Romenia)
3rd Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine) e Jérémy Peret (France)
Audience Award – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)

2nd Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2016)

1st Prize – Davide Giovanni Tomasi (Italy)
2nd Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
3rd Prize – Raphael Feuillatre (France)
Audience Award – Davide Giovanni Tomasi (Italy)
Best Portuguese Guitarist – Ruben Bettencourt (Portugal)

3rd Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2018)

1st Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
2nd Prize – Gian Marco Ciampa (Italy)
3rd Prize – Nicola Montella (Italy)
Audience Award – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
Honorable Mention – Taiki Matsumoto (Japan)
Best Portuguese Guitarist – João Robim Rocha (Portugal)

4th Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2020)

1st Prize – Carlo Curatolo (Italy)
2nd Prize – Vera Danilina (Russia)
3rd Prize – Luka Lovreković (Croatia)
Best Portuguese Guitarist – Francisco Lopes (Portugal)

5th Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2022)

1st Prize – Luis Alejandro García (Espanha)
2nd Prize – Álvaro Toscano (Espanha)
3rd Prize – Eric Meier (Canadá)
Audience Award – Álvaro Toscano (Espanha)
Best Portuguese Guitarist – Diogo João (Portugal)

6th Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2024)

1st Prize + Best Portuguese – Francisco Almeida Luís (Portugal)
2nd Prize – Manuel Toucinho (Portugal)
3rd Prize + Audience Award – Álvaro Toscano (Spain)
Honourable Mention – Tohi Harada (Japan)
Honourable Mention – Timothée Vinour-Motta (France)