Viseu International Guitar Competition

We’re postponing this competition due to the concern of coronavirus spread in Portugal, but rest assured that we’re still holding the 4th Viseu International Guitar Competition, later in 2020. Keep practicing ans check back soon for the new dates. You can still enrol right now.

This bi-annual competition started in 2013 and it’s interspersed with the Viseu International Piano Competition. Together they bring attention to this small but culturally rich city of Portugal by hosting world-class participants and award the best of the best.


1st Prize – 8.000€

+ A Kohno Sakurai Guitar Mastro-RF model valued at 8300 €
+ A concert at the International Guitar Festival of J. K. Mertz – Bratislava (2020)
+ A concert at the 14th Viseu Spring Music Festival (2021)
+ A concert at Ciclos de Recitais CMP/CMSM – Porto
+ A concert at Guitar Festival de la Guitarra de Sevilla – Spain

2nd Prize – 3.000 €
3rd Prize – 1.500 €
Audience Award – 500€
Prize for the Best Portuguese Contestant – 500€


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Previous years: winners

1st Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2014)

1st Prize – Xavier Jara (U.S.A)
2nd Prize – Bogdan Mihailescu (Romenia)
3rd Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine) e Jérémy Peret (France)
Audience Award – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)

2nd Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2016)

1st Prize – Davide Giovanni Tomasi (Italy)
2nd Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
3rd Prize – Raphael Feuillatre (France)
Audience Award – Davide Giovanni Tomasi (Italy)
Best Portuguese Guitarist – Ruben Bettencourt (Portugal)

3rd Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2018)

1st Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
2nd Prize – Gian Marco Ciampa (Italy)
3rd Prize – Nicola Montella (Italy)
Audience Award – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
Honorable Mention – Taiki Matsumoto (Japan)
Best Portuguese Guitarist – João Robim Rocha (Portugal)