About Viseu International Piano Competition

From April 23 to 27, 2019, we held the 3rd Viseu International Piano Competition and awarded 13,500€ in prizes.
For the first time since 2014, when this bi-annual competition started interspersed with the Viseu International Guitar Competition, the first place was divided ex aequo between two contests: Qianyi Xu (China) and Xiaoyu Liu (Canada), after a split jury decision. Both contestants won 5.500€ and will be touring for selected cities, including returning to our Festival in 2020 as headliners. Also in the podium is Grigoris Ioannou from Greece who took the third place after hard-fought eliminatory rounds. This year we also awarded the best Portuguese pianist in the competition, Rafael Kyrychenko, and Qianyi Xu got the Audience Award for 2019.

Congratulations to all winners and a heartfelt thanks to all participants whose talent brought joy and inspiration to the city and this festival.


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3rd Viseu International Piano Competition: video and photos

Previous Winners in Viseu Piano & Guitar International Competition

Guitar Competition

1st Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2014)

1st Prize – Xavier Jara (U.S.A)
2nd Prize – Bogdan Mihailescu (Romenia)
3rd Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine) e Jérémy Peret (France)
Audience Award – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)

2nd Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2016)

1st Prize – Davide Giovanni Tomasi (Italy)
2nd Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
3rd Prize – Raphael Feuillatre (France)
Audience Award – Davide Giovanni Tomasi (Italy)
Best Portuguese Guitarist – Ruben Bettencourt (Portugal)

3rd Viseu Int. Guitar Competition Winners (2018)

1st Prize – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
2nd Prize – Gian Marco Ciampa (Italy)
3rd Prize – Nicola Montella (Italy)
Audience Award – Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
Honorable Mention – Taiki Matsumoto (Japan)
Best Portuguese Guitarist – João Robim Rocha (Portugal)

Piano Competition

1st Viseu Int. Piano Competition Winners (2015)

1st Prize – Aristo Sham (Hong Kong)
2nd Prize – Jiacheng Xiong (China)
3rd Prize – DongJun Miao (China)
Audience Award – Jiacheng Xiong (China)
Best Portuguese Pianist – Vasco Dantas Rocha (Portugal)

2nd Viseu Int. Piano Competition Winners (2017)

1st Prize – DongJun Miao (China)
2nd Prize – Adi Neuhaus (Israel)
3rd Prize – Yutong Gao (China)
Audience Award – Adi Neuhaus (Israel)

3rd Viseu Int. Piano Competition Winners (2019)

1st Prize Ex Aequo – Qianyi Xu (China)
1st Prize Ex Aequo – Xiaoyu Liu (Canada)
3rd Prize – Grigoris Ioannou (Greece)
Audience Award – Qianyi Xu (China)
Best Portuguese Pianist – Rafael Kyrychenko (Portugal)