9th Edition of FIMPV
April 08 to 30, 2016

In April 2016, Viseu, a small city in Portugal, became an important landmark for classical music by bringing to it some critically acclaimed musicians in the field around the world.
Diversity was the pilar stone of this edition where our audience, who sold out almost every space we where in, could experience classical concerts dedicated to a single instrument, but also chamber music, orchestras and even music executed by computers.

We went to schools, nursing homes, the hospital and local prison in order to share our music and explain the routine of a musician’s life and ways to create. They were pedagogic concerts that revealed a lot about the city we live in. Furthermore we also promoted masterclasses for music students: Percussion with Luiz Ferreira and Ricardo Monteiro; Singing with Susan Waters; Saxofone with Samuel Maingaud, Michel Oberli, Guy Rebreyend and Frédéric Saumgne; Guitar with Roberto Aussel, Jérémy Jouve, André Madeira, Peter Katona and Zoltán Katona. Finally two workshops, one on Piazzolla Interpretation with Juan José Mosalini and Portuguese Guitar with Custódio Castelo ended our efforts in education.

The 2nd International Guitar Competition of Viseu united in Viseu 20 highly talented guitarist from all around the world competing to get the main prize of 14.000€. Utimately, after three hard earned rounds it was Davide Giovanni Tomasi (Italy) who took the podium followed by Marko Topchii (Ukraine) and Raphael Feuillatre (France). Ruben Bettencourt (Portugal) won the award for Best Portuguese Guitarist.

This ninth edition was only possible thanks to all our partners. A special thanks Viseu’s city all and their program “Viseu Terceiro” which gave us the conditions to made everything happened the best way possible.

2016’s program details

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